Division of Administration & Promotion


Name: Wan Kartini Bt. Wan Sulaiman
Position: Deputy Chief Librarian (Head of Division)
Telephone: +605-450 6951
Email: wankartini@upsi.edu.my


Name: Ainee Johanna Bt. Hj. Mohamed Saleh
Position: Senior Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Telephone: +605-450 6954
Email: aineej@upsi.edu.my


Name: Muhammad Mukris B. Muslim
Position: Operation Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 6796
Email: mukris@upsi.edu.my

Finance & Acquisition Unit:


Name: Mohd Nasrun B. Aris @ Mohd Khalid
Position: Sr. Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Telephone: +605-450 6271
Email: nasrun@upsi.edu.my


Name: Erlyyana Bt. Harizon
Position: Administrative Assistant (P/O)
Telephone: +605-450 6271
Email: erlyyana@upsi.edu.my

Promotion & Publicity Unit:


Name: Firdausiah Bt. Ahamad
Position: Sr. Librarian
Telephone: +605-450 6373
Email: firdausiah@upsi.edu.my


Name: Normaizatul Akmam Bt. Awang
Position: Sr. Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 6944
Email: akmam@upsi.edu.my


Name: Muhammad Zuhad B. Abdul Aziz
Position: Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 6944
Email: zuhad@upsi.edu.my


Name: Nur Azlini Bt. Hassnawi
Position: Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 6944
Email: nurazlini@upsi.edu.my


Name: Suliza Bt. Osman
Position: Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 6944
Email: sulizaosman@upsi.edu.my