Division of Academic Support Services

Information Services Unit:


Name: Anizah Bt. Tumin
Position: Deputy Chief Librarian (Head of Division)
Telephone: +605-450 6834
Email: anizah@upsi.edu.my


Name: Zarlina Bt. Ascal
Position: Sr. Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 5313
Email: zarlina@upsi.edu.my

Inter Library Loan Unit:


Name: Maisarah Bt. Razali
Position: Sr. Librarian Assistant
Telephone: +605-450 5313
Email: maisarah@upsi.edu.my

Information Literacy Unit:


Name: Nor Hanizah Bt. Zahid
Position: Sr. Librarian
Telephone: +605-450 6943
Email: hanizah@upsi.edu.my


Name: Sharifah Nurulhidayah Bt. Habib Elias
Position: Assistant Librarian
Telephone: +605-450 6798/6802
Email: snhidayah@upsi.edu.my

Research & Consultancy Unit:


Name: Nurul Kashfi B. Subri
Position: Sr. Librarian (temporarily stationed at RMIC from 1 April 2023 – 31 December 2023)
Email: kashfi@upsi.edu.my


Name: Nurul Aishah Bt. Mis’ut
Position: Librarian 
Telephone: +605-450 6958/6832
Email: naishah@upsi.edu.my


Name: Norliza Bt. Darus
Position: Sr. Librarian Assistant 
Telephone: +605-450 5313
Email: norlizad@upsi.edu.my