Members may do their references at the library depending on the library’s service/working hour.


All registered members are applicable to borrow library collection according to the terms and regulations stated earlier.


Registered members may renew library materials checked out from Tuanku Bainun Library via circulation counter or library portal connection. Members may renew on-loan materials twice using the library portal or via circulation counter. To renew via library portal, members must sign in first at the main page of the library portal.

Reader’s Advisory Servise

Individuals who had problems regarding the library services and collections may directly ask our in house librarian for advice and guidance.

Latest Collection Showcase

From time to time, the library will put on display the newest additions of our collection for all to see. These materials cannot be made for loaning during the showcase period but user may request to loan the material when the showcase over.


Registered members may do reserve materials that are still in loan to other members or those that are still in the newest arrival showcase using the Pustaka Portal website and main service counters.

Media Source Services

Located at level 4, collection such as compact discs, laser discs, films, maps, slides, audio and video cassettes and kits can be access here.

Inter Library Loan (ILL)

Registered members may request the library to borrow material such as books, articles or any other materials from other libraries if the required materials are non-existed in the library’s collection.


Registered members may do photocopies of materials according to the current intellectual properties terms and regulations. Photocopy service are based on a self-service concept.

Printing and Downloading

Registered members may download and print materials that accessed within the electronic databases, Internet or CD-ROMs but are subjected to the rules provided.

Safekeeping Box Rental

The library has prepared safekeeping boxes outside the library entry gate. Rental payment of RM0.50 is charged for one day of usage.

User Education

The library has arranged a series of user education for all dedicated registered members to know how to maximize their experience at the library. Aspect included in this user education involving material searching via online public access catalogue (OPAC), introduction to electronic databases and last but not least the explanation of Pustaka Portal websites.

Multimedia Room

A room equipped with audio equipments such as cassettes, gramophone records and CD-ROMs will be developed. Located at level 4, this room will also be well equipped with private listening area.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) / Current Awareness Service (CAS)

SDI and CAS are provided as part as our library services that will frequently inform all our patrons about new discovery and current information that related on selective subjects or personal interests.

Online Database Remote Access

The library has prepared an infrastructure that allows our entire patron accessing the subscribed online databases from either outside the library or other places that has internet access.

Information Editing

From time to time, the library will edit all the information received in order to make suitable for patrons’ needs.

Carrel Room

Patron may use the carrel room provided without charge.

Discussion Room

Discussion room is accessible at level 4, this room has 6 sitting capacity at one time. User may book this room at our office level 4.

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