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Dependence of photocatalysis on electron trapping in Ag-doped flowerlike rutile-phase TiO2 film by facile hydrothermal method, 2020
Suriani binti Abu Bakar, Azmi bin Mohamed,

A case study on the influence of first language syntax (L1) in writing english (L2) essays among form two secondary students, 2020
Mahendran A/L Maniam,

Palestine in UN Discourse: A Critical Discourse Analysis, 2020
Aladdin Assaiqeli,

Blockchain authentication of network applications: Taxonomy, classification, capabilities, open challenges, motivations, recommendations and future directions, 2019
Aos A. Z. Ansaef Al-Juboori, Bilal Bahaa Zaidan,

Synthesis and photophysical properties of bis(phenylpyridine) iridium(III) dicyanide complexes, 2019
Noorshida binti Mohd Ali, Norhayati binti Hashim, Norlinda binti Daud,

Survey on fuzzy TOPSIS state-of-the-art between 2007 and 2017, 2019
Aos A. Z. Ansaef Al-Juboori, Bilal Bahaa Zaidan,

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Suriani binti Abu Bakar
76 articles

Aos A. Z. Ansaef Al-Juboori
61 articles

Bilal Bahaa Zaidan
56 articles

Azmi bin Mohamed
43 articles

Norhayati binti Hashim
36 articles

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