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Utilisation of heat-treated single-layer graphene as an electrode for hybrid solar cell applications, 2023
Suriani binti Abu Bakar,

Signaling pathway(s) of TNFR2 required for the immunoregulatory effect of CD4+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells, 2022
Jaffry bin Zakaria,

Knowledge, attitudes and practices of injury prevention towards lateral ankle sprain among amateur football players in Brunei, 2022
Ali bin Md Nadzalan,

Changes in joint kinematics and kinetics through the implementation of inter-repetition rest protocols in snatch training, 2022
Ali bin Md Nadzalan,

The effects of knee flexion on muscle activation and performance during chin-up exercise, 2022
Ali bin Md Nadzalan, Zulezwan bin Ab Malik,

The Difference of Anthropometric Characteristics Between Elite and Novice Bodybuilders in Thailand, 2022
Ali bin Md Nadzalan, Nur Ikhwan bin Mohamad,

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Suriani binti Abu Bakar
97 articles

Aos A. Z. Ansaef Al-Juboori
75 articles

Bilal Bahaa Zaidan
70 articles

Wan Mohd Nuzul Hakimi Bin W Salleh
68 articles

Azmi bin Mohamed
52 articles

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