Open Shelve Collection

Books on all subjects and can be borrowed out.

Reference Collection

Reference materials such as encyclopaedias, dictionaries, bibliographies, almanacs and can be borrowed out.

Red Spot Collection

Selected text books and reading lists recommended by faculties.

Theses Collection

Theses written by UPSI’s Master and Doctorate students.

Audio-Visuals Collection

Audio-visual materials including microfilms, CDs, DVDs and videotapes.

Journal and Magazine Collection

Local and international journals and magazines published periodically covering all subject areas.

Archive Collection

Original copies of documents related to UPSI.

Malaysian Education Collection

Textbooks, syllabus, reports and exercise books related to history and development of education in Malaysia.

Antiquarian Book Collection

Priceless, old printed materials published prior to 1900 which are out of stock or out of print.

Anak Kandung Collection

Reading materials inherited from SITC, MPSI and IPSI.

Research Report Collection

Research reports written by academic staff/researchers.

Eminent Scholars Collection

Personal collections contributed by selected eminent such as Shaharom Husain, Nazel Hashim and Masuri S. N.