The number of books/materials to be borrowed out and loan eligibility are based on user category. Please refer to the Library Guide available at the Reader Advisory Desk or library homepage under Lending Terms & Conditions.

Yes, you can renew your borrowed item using My Account available at the library main website. Enter your student/staff number exactly the same as your student/staff card at a Patron ID column .

Please ensure that the first letter must be a capital letter .

Example : D2000000999 @ M2000009999 and key in your last 4 digits ID number at Password column. You may change your password using My Account menu. Choose On-loan Item:

The screen will display your loans’ record and you can click on the item that you want to renew.
Users can also renew their on loan items by phone (05-4506802 / 6832) or by e-mail (pustaka@upsi.edu.my).

Please ascertain that the call number is correctly noted down before checking the item on the shelves. If the item does not have a complete record (item in process), please seek help from Librarian at the Reader Advisory Desk. If the item is not available on the shelve, most likely the item is

– in cataloguing process or on order,
– in the process of shelving.

Please refer to General Info and The library opening hours on the front page.


You have to check the availability of the  theses, UPSI materials and journals using WebOPAC here, The theses collection are available at Thesis Room (Level 2) or can access online via https://ir.upsi.edu.my. UPSI materials also available at University Archive Collections Room (Level 4), whereas journals at Level 2.

You can LOGIN to your library account at our main website, then click E-Resources and choose UPSI Digital Library Hub.

Please seek help from Librarian at Reader Advisory Desk for Interlibrary Loan (ILL) process. You need to complete the application form for this purposes. However, this process may take about 2 weeks for getting the books whereas an article may take 3/4 days.