General Info

All students and staffs of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris are automatically members of the library.

CategoriesDeposit(RM)Annual Fees
Loan EligibleLoan Periods
Undergraduate/Diploma Student –1014
Post Graduate Student1530
Academic Staff2090
Non-academic Staff814
Academic Staff (part-time)1090
Non-academic Staff (part-time)414

External Memberships

  1. External membership fees are charged annually according to the following categories:
CategoriesDeposit (RM)Annual Fees
Loan EligibleLoan Periods
Institutional Memberships
(4 members)
Institutional Memberships- Reference only (4 members)1,000.00Reference only
OUM Students*250.00*150.00214
School Students50.00 214
  1. A registration fee of RM15.00 is charged and non-refundable.
  2. Annual Fees is non-refundable
  3. There is no charged for external members who use the library for reference only.
  4. To become a member, fill in the registration form and send it to the library together with a passport-size photograph, I/C photocopy, and an evidence of UPSI alumni (for Alumni Categories only).
  5. Students from Open University Malaysia (OUM) are only required to pay the registration fee, to become members.

* (Particulars of students will be sent to Open University (OUM) for payment)